C Online Training

C Online Training
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Introduction to C Language
Data types
If else
The While loop
The For loop
Nested loop statements
The Break and Continue Statement
Switch case default and break
Bit wise operators

Introduction to functions
Need for functions
Standard and user defined functions
What is header file
How to create our own header file
Difference between source and exe file
How to create exe file
Defining and calling functions
Storage classes
Automatic storage classes
Register storage classes
Static storage classes
External storage classes
Pass by value and pass by reference
Return by value and return by reference
Recursive functions


Memory concepts
Pointers to variables
Pointers to pointers
Pointers with operations


Introduction to arrays
Need for arrays
Arrays with pointers
Arrays with functions
Types of arrays
One dimensional arrays
Two dimensional arrays
Multi dimensional arrays


Char pointers
Char array
Declaring and initializing string variable
String with pointers
String with functions
String functions
Array of strings

Structures, Unions, Enum and typedef

Enum and typedef
Introduction to structures
Defining structures
Struct with pointers, arrays, strings and functions
Arrays, strings as structure members
Union, difference between structure and union

File operations

Introduction to files
Types of files
File pointers
Opening and closing files
Modifying and deleting files
Interacting with
Text files (ex: .txt, .c, .cpp)
Database files
Creating database with file operations
Command line arguments

Dynamic memory allocations

Purpose of dynamic memory allocations
Malloc, calloc, realloc and free
Single linked list
Double linked list
Circular list