SAP EP Online Training

SAP EP Online Training

SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP EP) unifies enterprise applications, data, and services from SAP and non-SAP sources into one system to support business processes, each among and across company boundaries. SAP Enterprise Portal may be a building block of SAP Net Weaver – a complete integration and application platform designed to unify and align individuals, data, and business processes across technologies and organizations.

An Enterprise data Portal integrates data and applications across the enterprise to produce one, integrated tool for execution, management and closed-loop decision-making.

EP will give users with one, role-based entry purpose into gift systems like SAP R/3; furthermore as databases, documents, online page, alternative information sources and a spread of applications.

SAP Enterprise Portal is constructed on SAP Net weaver, the mixing and application platform that unifies and aligns individuals, data, and processes across enterprise and technology boundaries.

An Enterprise Portal is way quite associate Interactive flashy information processing system to publish reports or selling material.

SAP EP Online Training Course Content

Module 1: Overview

Brief overview of SAP
Overview of SAP Netweaver and EP
Motivation for Portals and need for SAP EP

Module 2: Technical Infrastructure

SAP Enterprise Portal installation
SAP NW Architecture
Portal Framework, Portal Runtime, Portal Services.
Building Blocks of SAP EP
SAP Enterprise Portal Architecture

Module 4: User Management

Overview and Architecture
User Management Engine
User Management Tools

Module 5: Portal Security

Security Concepts
Introduction to Authentication
Authorization Concepts
Single Sign On
Network Security

Module 6: Portal Platform Content

Content Object Model
Portal Content
Portal Content Catalog
Portal Content Studio
Object relations: Delta Links and copies
Working with iViews and Pages
Working with Worksets and Roles
Delegated Content Administration
Introduction to business packages
Design Changes and Branding

Module 7: Connectors

Portal Landscape
SAP Java Connector
Configuring of Java connector (JCO)
Integrating SAP systems

Module 8: Knowledge Management & Collaboration

Understanding Knowledge Management
Content Management (CM)
Search and Classification (TREX)
Collaboration & Unification Overview
Collaboration Rooms (CR)
Real Time collaboration
EP Development Contents

Module 10: SAP Java development environment

Sap Net Weaver developer studio
SAP Component Model

Module 11: Web dynpro Introduction

Introduction to Web Dynpro Architecture
Web dynpro Tools
MVC-the roots of Web dynpro
Life cycle of web dynpro

Module 12: The context structure at Design time

Types of nodes
The structure of context
Context mapping
Internal mapping

Module 13: The context structure at runtime

The typed context API
The Generic Context API