SAP Security Online Training  Course Content

1.What is Security & Why?
2.Security audit & consideration?
3.Security layers
1.Data layer
2.Access security
3.Operational security
4.Audit Security & Security audit log parameters.
5.Application on R/3 Security.
6.OS level security & Change management.
7.Types of Security’s
1.Internal Security
2.External Security
3.SAP Security
8.User administration & Types of Users.
9.Central user administration (CUA).
1.Authorization Objects
2.Authorization profiles
3.Programming authorizations
4.Authorization groups
5.Missing authorizations
6.Authorization Trace.
11.Roles12.Transaportation of Roles & Role Mitigation.
1.Composite Role
2.Single Role
3.Derived Role
4.Parent Role & Child Role.
13.The complete User status (SUIM).
14.Locking transactions.
15.Restricting access to SAP* & DDIC.


1.SAP History .
2.SAP R/3 architecture & Layers.
3.Client administration.
4.Spool administration Basics.
5.Background jobs.
7.Transport management Basics.